The Extra Edge


...that advantage which propels one into an upper echelon of
control, ownership, education, performance, excellence, privilege and finally, superiority.
In the macrocosm of flower and fauna, Charles Darwin called it, Natural Selection.
In the reign of reasoning humankind, it since has been anything but natural.
From the founding of a rediscovered America, it always has been anything but honest.

The most disconcerting portion of this issue of, "performance enhancement", in American life is the inference that
this is just a relatively small group of cheaters and mercenaries who have been compromised by
the love of money, the concern of legacy or the pressures of competition. While those quanta are
the most obvious reasons for the short sighted, self destructive practices of these transgressors,
the deeper truth is that, even as a successful person fundamentally may be defined by hard work, integrity
and a little providence, a successful American is defined, seminally, by the maintenance of a skewed playing field.

Indeed, never has America been two things of which she historically boasts:

a melting pot or a land of opportunity.

America is, rather, a seething cauldron in what has become a land of opportunism.
What does it say that so few of us continue to work actively, continue to pray fervently,
continue to die willingly for the day
when America becomes a savory medley, a diverse garden and a land of realization?

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those, who, in time of great moral crises,
retain their neutrality."

One cannot damn, by any means, that percentage of Americans which are unrighteous
(none of us has a heaven or a hell in which to place another; that is the Creator's domain)
but truly, even the unjust, who at the least, act, will find some favor, however meaningless, with their Devil.
It daily is becoming more apparent that more of us, even as nationalities, are physically and spiritually intimidated,
unnerved, dismayed and, yes, terrorized into a state of quietude at first; amoral and unethical compliance, even worse.
Worst are the ones who capitulate to join those ranks, whom they feel they cannot defeat, confront or even address.
They are those who hide among and serve the cultivators of fear, thereby benefiting one or a few languorous generations.
They are that muted minority which ultimately, if unintentionally, may spell the death of this greater, potential nation.

Oh, yes! I was speaking of the extra edge, wasn't I?

I was speaking of the conquering - in the undetectable guise of exploration,
which placed a determined band of dissidents upon this land,
but thereby decimated a multitude of indigenous nations.

I was speaking of the establishment - behind the facade of colonization,
which allowed a people to enslave nations of other people,
deemed by their Christian oppressors to be subhuman.

I was speaking of the maintenance - covered and cloaked as reconstruction,
which called for reconciliation among embittered, brotherly combatants,
but did not call for reconsideration of moral impropriety or inequitable practice.

I was speaking of the political - quietly colored as the right to vote,
which was prescribed only to a select few for over a century and a half,
and even when expanded to all American citizens, manipulated still - and even today.

I was speaking of the propaganda - pompously disguised as education,
which denied that most of the earth's population had anything to do with any meaningful history,
and even created a grossly distorted world map for our children's classrooms.

I was speaking of the social - devilishly dovetailing as integration,
which was a placebo, an anthropological sugar pill,
dispensed only to determine the mastery and the authority of the administrators.

I was speaking of the economic - proudly paraded as the Gross National Product,
which is the skimmed cream of an overtaxed and underrepresented middle class work force,
the fruits of whose labors are placed into the undeserving hands of less than ten percent of this nation's population.

I was speaking of the imperialist - beneath the heretical masks of freedom and democracy,
which are the fuel and engine of this, so called, New World Order,
and ultimately and finally, will be rammed down the throats of rogue nations for the betterment of mankind.


... just another smokescreen in the continuing, ever more pitiful
American legacy of denial and unaccountability.

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those,
who, in time of great moral crises,
retain their neutrality."
Dante Aleghieri



Richard A Cummings
An American In Thought

R.A. Cummings (2005 - revised 02-16 and 02-20)
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