Don't try to make-time because if we have-time,
why try to spend-time if we fear to lose-time?

Why do we kill-time then beg for extra-time only to grumble it's about-time?

It's not like we have no-time to work full-time or even part-time
so that we can satisfy our obligations in-time.

Now we want over-time and isn't it due-time that we got paid on-time?

Isn't it true that every-time you try to get some free-time
it cuts into your bed-time so you end up using all your sick-time?

And you still act big-time and have a good-time when all you do is waste-time
until you have to do double-time just to get some vacation-time
to blow it on some miller-time.

You hope that this-time will be the last-time you have to put up with this
small-time drama because after-time if you don't save-time you'll just have to
mark-time while you serve-time with no tea-time.

So if you don't want to do-time you better learn to tell-time
and stop conforming to standard-time then maybe any-time might be ample-time
to give your brain some-nap time.

I always thought that some-time if only I could stop-time and just have
an easy-time when I didn't have to keep-time it would be
the first-time I wouldn't have a rough-time.

But then the official-time became the only-time and I had to cut-time or get paid
half-time so I could make quittin'-time before night-time cut into my meal-time.

I want a long-time to bask in the day-time
but that's the exact-time I have to deal with down-time.

Why not just use my real-time so I won't have a hard-time for the rest of my life-time?

Of all the adventures, sensual and spiritual, which we are blessed to experience,
time, perhaps, is the most encompassing and the most fleeting.
In our four score (or so) of solar revolutions, we ultimately end up reflecting upon,
if not regretting, the impending end of our transitory claim upon time, in this sphere.

"What if?" undoubtedly becomes every soul's personal, parting epitaph.

The wonder of possibility is that it never can be exhausted.
The perception is, given time, we all might be the gods of our choosing.
The reality is, given life, we all must be reassured and pregnant in Spirit.
Were we not simply passing, all time would be one time and eternity would be now,
but since this human being is momentarily substantial...

yesterday became a slumbering mentor,
today is the only forever we have
and tomorrow is a capricious promise.


Richard A Cummings
An American In Thought

R.A. Cummings (2005)
Copyright © IMARA Music